iGoCam broadcasts live images 24/7 from your location and promote your business, for free!


Ok, let's take it from the beginning. iGoCam used to be a collection of thousands of touristic webcams from all over the world. Recently I changed direction and now I plan to set up my very own webcams at interesting locations around Costa Blanca and Costa Calida in Spain.


The business model is simple and honest. You don't pay a cent for free marketing that will provide your visitors with an exciting experience, unlike any other type of marketing. Ads finance the webcams, just like with those free newspapers. More about that here.


All cameras owned by iGoCam may be embedded to any website, provided that a clearly visible and working link to "https://igocam.com" is added for each camera.


The person behind iGoCam is me, Olof. A Swede living in Orihuela Costa, Spain with his family.

(The impressive 'stache in the picture is fake)



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